WhatsApp tests stickers from the Google Gboard and other third-party keyboards


WhatsApp is constantly changing. Although the application can use the stickers, they are limited only to those that using Facebook specifically for this application or to download them from the outside. This can, however, change due to integration with individual keyboards. An example is Google Gboard. Thanks to integration, access to stickers will be much easier.

Latest WhatsApp beta for Android version is installed: a Stickers Integration feature on Gboard

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications for both iOS and Android. No wonder, then, that Facebook is on the way to make customers happy with it. Therefore, new products are still appearing in it. Now WhatsApp is working on improving his recently introduced Google Gboard keyboard sticker feature.

Until now, the option of stickers and access to them were a bit difficult. By default, users have access to several stickers designed by the WhatsApp team. To access stickers created by independent developers, you must download the entire sticker pack separately from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. This, however, may change soon. Here to explore the latest Google Gboard 7.8 update features Material Theme elements.

WhatsApp will allow Stickers integration for third-party keyboards!

WhatsApp plans to introduce an easier way to send stickers by users, integrating this feature with third-party keyboards. The new version of the Google Gboard Beta keyboard will now offer integration with stickers. The condition is one. You need to install the WhatsApp beta version.

WhatsApp has recently worked to improve the Stickers feature, the integration with third-party keyboards like Google Gboard

Any static Gboard sticker sent in WhatsApp will be automatically converted into a compatible sticker format. It will not be sent as an image. The user does not therefore have to install separate applications for sending stickers.

The website has recently implemented a lot of new features. The list includes, for example, group video and voice calls, Picture-in-Picture mode for videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. It is not known whether the new option will appear permanently. Most likely it depends on the test result and they will decide how it can permanently reach the communicator in the final form.

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