Tips on how to add music to Instagram videos with Android video editor Apps


Learn how to add music to Instagram videos easily using mobile video editor applications on Android or iOS and multiply the number of your followers.

How to Add Music to Instagram Videos: Best Android Music & Video Apps

It is true that an image can be worth a thousand words, but it is also true that sometimes you need something more than a photo to stand out in a sea of ​​well-developed Instagram publications. If you want to capture the attention of your followers before they go through your publication, good idea will be to add music to the Instagram videos you upload. Read also: You can now share the Instagram Stories with just who you want.

Fortunately, Instagram Stories now allow you to add your favorite songs to a video or photo directly from the application. While you will have to rely on a third-party application to add music to real publications, we have found several that do – and very well – this work. From Drake to Tame Impala, now you can convert your Instagram account into the soundtrack of your own life. Here is how to do it:

Adding music to your Instagram story

Adding music to your Instagram story is simple. After taking a video or an image in your Instagram story section, touch the smiley icon in the upper right corner. You will see a music icon in the second row of the resulting menu, touch it and you will have the option to select the song you want to add.

Thanks to an association between Instagram and the three major record labels, you will have access to thousands of songs. You can choose a melody from one of three categories: Popular, Mood and Genres, or you can search for a specific song, if you already have one in mind. Once you have selected your melody, you can advance and rewind the track to find the part that best suits your story.

You can also choose the song before capturing a video. When you open the camera, go to the “Music” option below the record button. Search for a song, select the exact part you want and record a video while the songs play in the background. When your friends are watching your story, they will hear the song that is playing while they watch the photo or video. You will also see a sticker in your story that will tell the title of the song and the name of the artist. Currently, this feature is only available for iOS in 51 different countries. You can also explore this topic: 4 keys to increase your business through Instagram.

But what happens if you just want to add music to your video publication and not just to your story? We have found the five best apps for iOS and Android that make adding music to your video simple and easy.

Note: most of these applications only allow you to use audio recordings or music files that are saved on your device. Therefore, if you exclusively use streaming music services (such as Spotify), consider first finding some music files.

Adding music to your video publication


Lomotif - Music Video Editor

Lomotif is very similar to the update of the Instagram story: the interface is similar and the best thing is that adding music to your videos only takes a few seconds. After adding music, your video can be uploaded and shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But that’s not all! This application not only allows you to musicize your videos, but also add text, filters and emojis. You can search millions of songs and thousands of artists, as well as browse popular topics such as birthday.

Download LOMOTIF at Google Play


Videoshop (which is like Photoshop, but for video) has all the tricks offered by the aforementioned VidLab, but also offers additional tools. Although this application is currently free on Google Play, if you plan to download it from Apple’s App Store, it has a value of $ 2 dollars. I’m sorry for Apple users! However, that small sum of money is worth it, because it will allow you to enjoy a powerful editing application that supports 1080p video.

Videoshop Video Editor on Android

To make matters worse, with Videoshop you can also flip videos horizontally, combine several clips in one, add animated transitions from clip to clip and make motion stop videos (frozen images). It also allows you to create copies of videos and edit each clip individually, and you will also have the opportunity to use dozens of filters and text overlays that the application has, which will allow you to customize your content. Videoshop is compatible with iOS 8.2 and later versions, and with version 4.3 of Android.

Download VIDEOSHOP at Google Play

Vigo Video (FREE)

Vigo Video, formally known as Flipgram, is much more than an application for video editing, since it has also been consolidated as a creative community. You can find inspiring content from other creators within the application and share your own videos to inspire others. Even if you prefer not to interact within your social space, Vigo Video still allows you to share with Instagram and other social networking sites.

Vigo Video Funny Short Video App

It also has a built-in music library, which facilitates access to your favorite tracks. To make matters worse, you can join multiple video clips, add still photos, superimposed text and more.

Download Vigo Video at Google Play


Undoubtedly, GoPro revolutionized the world of action video, and now the company is looking for ways to get the attention of the world of mobile video editing. Quik is an application with which you can automatically create stories from your photos and videos, which you have captured both with your phone and with a GoPro camera, if you have one.

Quik by GoPro Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music

With this application, you can add filters, music, and unique modes, such as stop-motion or “slice”, which allows you to cut the screen in half and play the video from one side at a time, to create a masterpiece. Although this may sound exaggerated, the application will help you to change any of the properties of the video, which will allow you to have total control over the aspect of your audiovisual content.

Also, with Quik, you can choose music from your own library or from the wide selection of songs in the application. You can also choose or deselect the images and clips you want to use and choose the side effects you want to apply.

This application is really versatile, because it will allow you to edit simple videos, where you only need to add music, like when you are showing how to prepare a cooking recipe or makeup, and you will also be able to create a complete collage of your recordings and photos of an adventurous trip that you have done, with a variety of filter and effects options, that you can use.

Download Quik by GoPro at Google Play


Tik Tok is not just an application, it is a global community of videos based on music. In it, you can watch amazing short videos and also make your own videos capturing those fun and memorable moments to share with the world.

TikTok mobile video: global video community powered by music

In addition, with Tik Tok, you can customize your videos by adding stickers, emoji and facial filters, and even edit your videos with millions of free music and sound clips easily and quickly. Choose from playlists created by Tik Tok of all genres, including pop, rock, rap, electronic, R & B and country.

Download TikTok on Google Play

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