Tips for your Mac: 3 ways to calculate the size of your files


Finding the size of a file on Mac computers is not always so obvious. However, we share three ways for you to do so.

How big is the video file that you just recorded? How heavy are the files of those photos that you just exported? There are several reasons why you want to calculate the size of a file on your Mac – the most obvious one is so you can free up space by deleting the larger files or moving them.

So, here are three ways on how you can verify the size of the files on your Mac. And of the folders, too!

Add the ‘Size’ column in the list view of the Finder

The view of the Finder in List format is my favorite because it offers the most information, including the file size. If in your Finder window you do not see a column called Size, you can add it by clicking with the right button of the control on the headers that are visible – Type, Last opening date and similar ones – and clicking on Size. Then, you can click on the Size heading to sort the list from the largest to the smallest. You can also drag headers to reorganize them.

How to calculate file size on Mac: size list view info

Extra Tips: Your Size column may be blank for any folder in the List view. You can make the size of the folders appear by opening a Finder window with folders, clicking on View in the menu bar and then selecting Show display options. At the bottom of the panel that appears, check the box or Calculate all sizes.

Get information panel

How to calculate file size on Mac: get info panel

For any file or folder, you can quickly see its size by clicking on the control and selecting Get information. In the upper right corner of the Get information panel, you will see its size. You can also highlight a file in Finder and use the keyboard shortcut Command-I to open the panel Get information.

Organize by size

How to calculate file size on Mac: organize by size

If you’re looking to free up some space on your Mac, you can easily sort the files in any Finder window by size. I have found that this is particularly useful for the Recent folder. When I click on the Size header to sort by size, it does not show all my files, but if I click on the gear icon in the top part of the window and select Sort by… Size, then I see all my files sorted in different levels according to the size of the file, starting with files from 1GB to 10GB at the top.

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