Orange WhatsApp Audio? Users comment the update


WhatsApp Beta audio with orange ball is a mystery among Twitter users. Since last Wednesday (16), the test version of the messenger for Android presents a new color in the dot of sent or received voice message. In addition to the already known symbols – gray, green and blue – the application now displays orange audio without any kind of usage pattern. The novelty gave what to speak on the microblog, where most people tried to understand the functionality of the mysterious button.

In the tests made by our editors, the notification changed color several times in the same conversation. In response to TechTudo, the WhatsApp advisory stated that there is no update information. It is worth remembering that the change has not reached the final version of the application for the Google system or for iPhone (iOS).

Orange WhatsApp Audio? Users comment mysterious update

How WhatsApp Audio Colors Work

WhatsApp informs the sender that the voice messages have been heard through the dot and check colors. When the ball is gray, it means that the audio was sent to the server but has not yet reached the contact. Already the green dot means that the content was delivered to his friend’s cell phone, but he still did not listen. The blue symbol shows that your message has finally been heard. The orange audio therefore remains without an explanation.

It is worth mentioning that you can listen to WhatsAp audio without the sender knowing. To do this, simply forward the content to a conversation with yourself before giving play. Another trick is to retrieve deleted audios from WhatsApp, using the free Notification History application for Android.

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