The new Oculus VR glasses from Facebook would arrive soon


The company has been giving hints that there will be a hardware announcement during Oculus Connect in September.

The new Oculus VR glasses from Facebook would arrive soon

All the signs seem to point to the imminent launch of the new Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses from Facebook.

The company is contemplating the first quarter of 2019 to launch its new virtual reality glasses, which are codenamed Santa Cruz, according to UploadVR. Like the Oculus Go, the upcoming VR glasses are designed to work without a PC, but “with cameras added to allow 6DOF tracking of head movements and two Oculus Touch-style controls,” the publication said.

An Oculus representative told UploadVR: “We can not comment on future plans or announcements, but I can tell you that [Oculus Connect 5] will be very exciting.”

An Oculus representative also told DroidMag that the company can not comment on future plans or announcements. Facebook has not answered a comment request.

The Oculus Connect 5 event will take place between September 26 and 27, and official information is expected on when the company will launch its next glasses. It is also rumored that Santa Cruz will be able to operate in a wide range of environments, including interiors, according to UploadVR.

Another sign that a hardware ad is imminent is the interesting selection of words in his Oculus Connect 5 ad, which Reddit user BennyFackter highlighted on Tuesday: “Be the first to get hands on with the next generation of virtual reality” (“Be the first to experience the next generation of virtual reality.”

For now, only time will tell if these clues will materialize in real glasses.

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