LG may present smartphone with second screen case at MWC 2019


The upcoming LG’s second screen smartphone will be in a kind of protective cover and will be optional at the time of purchase.

LG has been suffering to emulate a smartphone in the select market for high-end handsets that sell a lot. According to rumors about an upcoming model, which should be announced during the MWC, which takes place at the end of February in Barcelona, ​​LG will show the world a smartphone with a cover that also serves as a secondary screen.

LG to unveil detachable dual-screen phone at MWC 2019, leak claims
LG V20 first look. Photo: droid-life.com

According to the source, who was heard by CNET, it is not yet time for the South Korean manufacturer to launch a cell phone that uses folding screen, but it is certainly on the screen that it will differentiate itself from so many other launches of the fair. The source states that the device will be manufactured with a point where an optional second screen can be attached to the body.

Rumor has it that this kind of connection between the screen and the phone will not be similar to what Motorola uses with Snaps, but rather a kind of protective cover that offers the second display – which will double the size of the front screen.

LG has already shown some models with flexible display, such as the two generations of G Flex. The flexibility was very small and only served to make the display survive when bending the smartphone, which was born in the shape of a banana.

A company that has played with a two-screen device, one of which is in the rear and, when deployed, doubles the size of the front of the smartphone, is the ZTE with Axom M. The Chinese phone uses construction with hinges that saw the rear for front, without using a screen that is one-piece – as does the Royole FlexPai.

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Source CNET
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