iPhone XI will have higher resolution and improved battery


Rumors about the iPhone XI still go on. Even with eight months to go before Apple’s new cell phone is released, rumors are already circulating on the Internet. This time, several sources commented on the possibility of the smartphone count on cameras of higher resolution and improved battery, and other news.

iPhone XI (2019) will Feature 10MP Selfie Camera, Lightning Port: Rear Camera Details Leaked Too

After releasing information on two alleged prototypes of the next generation iPhone, OnLeaks released more information about the device through the CompareRaja website. For the new three-lens rear-facing camera, Apple is considering using 14-megapixel resolution sensors. IPhones currently use 12 megapixel cameras, the same resolution since the iPhone 6s.

The resolution of the TrueDepth front camera, which currently captures photos at 7 megapixels, should jump to 10 megapixels. The concepts also show that the notch, that cutout at the top of the screen, has been reduced. This should happen because of new, more advanced sensors that Apple intends to use.

Apple case with battery for iPhone Xs compatible with the X model

While it has not mentioned specifications, OnLeaks ensures that the inside of the iPhone XI will be completely redesigned to accommodate a larger battery in a more square format. The components of the logic board would be repositioned at the bottom of the device and at the top only the cameras should remain.

On a related note, Barclays analysts are betting on an upgraded iPhone XR model this year with improvements in antennas. In addition to the already planned Wi-Fi 6 and 5G network, the device must also have the MIMO 4 × 4 feature – which increases the speed of data transmission through the cellular network. Currently, the 4 × 4 MIMO only exists on the iPhone XS and XS Max.

The iPhone XI and the next generation of the XR iPhone, both unnamed official set, are expected to be announced in September this year.

Apple iPhone XI (2019) Leaked in Renders

Last week, the first representation images of the next-generation smartphone from Apple, based on information from a test prototype, emerged. The idea of ​​an iPhone with a three-lens rear camera jogged the internet with discussions about the exaggerated size of the bulge.

Apple iPhone XI (2019) Leaked in Renders: Features Horizontally Stacked Triple Camera Unit 02

We came to comment that that could be just one of several models that are in testing at Apple. No sooner said than done. The OnLeaks, again, published in partnership with the site CompareRaja new images of the supposed iPhone XI. These, however, represent an alternative cell prototype.

iPhone Xr 2 will provide better transmission in LTE networks. Apple will bet 4 × 4 MIMO

This prototype also has the three lenses on the back, which reinforces the idea that Apple would have already decided that this will be one of the news of the iPhone in 2019. The way the camera was positioned is as curious as in the concept leaked previously.

Instead of a square in the corner, the lenses are positioned horizontally. The format is very similar to what already exists in the iPhone X and XS, but with the camera again horizontal and centered at the top, just above the company brand.

Apple iPhone XI (2019) Leaked in Renders: Features Horizontally Stacked Triple Camera Unit 01

Another interesting detail is the solution found to add the third lens without increasing the size of the protrusion on the back of the iPhone. The flash would no longer be a complete, separate circle to be only a contour in the middle lens.

The information also corroborates other details already mentioned previously. The look of the device should continue close to what already exists today, with the body made of glass and stainless steel with rounded corners. The difference is that the edges on the iPhone XI screen should become even thinner, in addition to having the notch trimmed down.

Apple iPhone XI (2019) Leaked in Renders: Features Horizontally Stacked Triple Camera Unit 03

According to OnLeaks, the two models that have leaked so far are real, but none of them have been chosen so far to be the official version of the next generation iPhone. As we said earlier, these devices are in the EVT phase – the process in which the engineering team decides what the new features will be and how best to implement them.

After this phase, these devices go to the DVT stage, which is when it will be decided in fact how the device will look. A lot can still change until the iPhone XI launch in September, but that already gives you an idea of ​​what to expect in 2019.

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