Lightning connector should be replaced by USB-C on iPhone 2019


The USB-C connection first appeared on Apple’s products with the 2015 MacBook and quickly spread across the Mac line. On iOS devices, however, the entry only came true at the end of last year with the iPad Pro redesigned.

Lightning connector should be replaced by USB-C on iPhones 2019

After announcing that Apple intends to launch a new iPod touch, the MacOtakara blog also commented that this year’s iPhones should leave Lightning in return for the USB-C standard.

It’s not the first time rumors have pointed to the end of the Lightning connection on the iPhone. Last year, DigiTimes had already said that the 2019 models of Apple’s smartphone would have the connector replaced by USB-C.

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Sources linked to Apple vendors have assured the Japanese blog that the company has been testing certain prototypes of new iPhones that use USB-C instead of Lightning, which was introduced in 2012 with the iPhone 5 to replace the old “30-pin.”

Catching the end of Lightning seemed impossible until Apple showed it in practice with the third generation of the iPad Pro. Now the idea of ​​having all products with the same connector, from cell phones to computers, makes more and more sense.

Unlike Lightning that is Apple’s and only works with certified accessories, USB-C is an open standard used by devices of various brands. This will allow, for example, that the same charger or adapter from a Mac, iPad Pro or even an Android phone to work with the iPhone.

On the other hand, anyone who already owns a current iPhone will once again have to change all their cables and accessories – or at least buy multiple adapters. This time, however, in favor of a universal connection.

Recently, signs have emerged that the iPhone 11 will also have Wi-Fi 6 connection, 5G network, improved Face ID and new rear camera with three lenses. The launch, however, should only happen in September.

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iPhone also adopts the USB-C connector like the iPad Pro

There seems to be possibility to adopt whether the next iPhone also adopts the USB-C connector like the iPad Pro 11-inch and the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation), but there is a possibility that it will be adopted It seems that it has not reached the stage, and it seems that it continues to adopt Lightning connector continuously, it seems that it is not clear.
I heard from several suppliers of Apple who are listing in CES2019 that Apple might be developing iPod touch (7th generation) that takes over iPod touch (6th generation).

The present iPod touch (6th generation) is cheapest terminal which we can buy from 199 USD.

Its sales started on July. 2015 and we can use it as Apple device which we enjoy Apple Music costs 9.99 USD per month.

There is a 149USD one of Apple TV (4th generation) in the installation type as the next choice.

However, there is a 329 USD one of iPad (6th generation) and 449USD of iPhone 7 in the portable terminal.

Therefore, we guess they continue to develop them as Apple music and cheapest portable devices which we can enjoy many kinds of game application.

In addition, similar to iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation), next iPhone might also employ USB-C connector. However, those who are working on it said that it has not reached reference step, and if microUSB connector is continued to be employed has not been decided yet.

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