Google will buy Fossil’s smartwatch technology for $40 million


For its own smart watch platform, Google has only had actions on the software system side in recent years, but the physical products are not available.

Google buys $40 million worth of smartwatch tech from Fossil Group

As the most aggressive product launch Wear OS Fossil Just today confirmed that they related to intellectual property will be sold for 40 million USD to Google, the transaction is expected to close in late January. However, Fossil did not disclose the details of the transaction, only that the “partial” R&D team members will join Google.

Fossil and BMW will launch new smart watches in 2019

Fossil said that this does not mean that they give up smart watches because there are still “more than 200 R&D personnel” after the transaction, and they are more committed to “continuously unlocking” the growth of smart watches with the help of Google.

Google, the buyer, also acknowledged the news, saying the deal would achieve their diversified portfolio of connected watches.

If the rumored Pixel Watch is really going to be launched, it would be no surprise that Google would find the most expensive and experienced brand on the market. Such practices, as they put long-term Nexus / Pixel partner HTC product R & D team in the bag the same.

But before there is a real commitment, Google’s purchase of Fossil smartwatch technology may be just to continuously improve Wear OS and the entire ecosystem.

Fossil launches smartwatches with Google Pay, heart-rate tracking, NFC and GPS

Source FossilGroup
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