With Google Play Instant now you can try game apps before downloading them


Enjoy free games before you decide to buy them will be easier thanks to Google.

Google Play Instant let us try apps before downloading them

Google Play Instant was launched last year as a way for developers to have the opportunity to provide a native application experience to users, without having to install anything. In other words, you simply had to click on a link within the search results, and the application would load on your phone, then disappear from your device when you exit the application. You can also read this topic: Google Assistant now has a section dedicated to your purchases.

It seems that the experiment was successful, because now, Google is extending that service to the area of ??games, and made the announcement through its official blog.

Discovering new games is quite easy. Simply, you must go to the application in Google Play Games, go to the tab that says “Arcade”, and press the “Play” button in any game you would like to try. There you can also see other items, such as news and YouTube videos related to the game.

You can also go to the Google Play store and press the “Try Now” button, to try them out. Not all games are compatible with the new feature, but at the launch you can try Clash Royale, Words With Friends 2, Panda Pop and other popular games.

Google had to make some changes in the Instant Apps in order that they can be used for these games. To begin with, he had to increase the limit from two megabytes to ten, which makes sense considering the fact that games require a bit more space. For those who have reasonably decent internet connections and modern phones, those 10 megabyte applications should load relatively fast and work perfectly fine.

In general, the function is clearly oriented to encourage users to try more applications, and finally buy or download the ones they like. People prefer to be able to try before they buy and, often, the label of “in-app purchases” could discourage many.

As time goes by, we are likely to see more apps and instant games. They offer a clear advantage for developers, who have more opportunities to present their apps to users, without those users having to commit to downloading an application. On the other hand, it also offers an advantage to users, who can test applications for free before downloading them. Before this topic, we also recommend you to see our related story: Google will try to display video ads in Play Store.

For now, the project is a closed beta, but Google said it will open it to a range of developers later this year, so we hope to start seeing the “Test now” button more and more frequently.

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