Samsung Galaxy Note 9 photos and press image show design, S Pen


Today, photos of the Galaxy Note 9 leaked quickly and a real press image was published. We see the device in full glory – more or less – and from all sides. Surprises are not there, except for possible color variations.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 photos and press image show design, S Pen

The launch of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 is only about a week or three. Nevertheless, almost all information about the device is now on the street. Today we mainly see a large pile of footage, so that no secrets remain.

Galaxy Note 9 photos and more

In a somewhat irresponsible sample leak, we see pictures of the front and back of the Galaxy Note 9. On the device are all kinds of recognizable elements visible, which for unclear reasons are not unclear. So Samsung knows exactly which phone it is for – unfortunately for the person responsible for it.

Galaxy Note 9 Real Life Images, Show Design, S Pen and more

It is clear that the photographed Galaxy Note 9 has already experienced a few things. The cracks in the front witness this. Fortunately, the front is the least interesting anyway, because it is almost identical to the Note 8. Clearly more interesting is the rear, where the new camera module adorns.

That the Galaxy Note 9 has a dual camera setup is no surprise. However, the main sensor on the above picture seems very large – larger than, for example, the main sensor of the S9 Plus. Whether that is a clear hint to a greatly improved camera, or just optical deception on this photo, we dare not say. We really do not like the whole layout of cameras and fingerprint sensor, but if the camera is good and the sensor handy then we will have little to complain. And then there’s the image Evan Blass rondtwitterde.

This seems to be a press image of the Note 9 in a striking color combination. The blue device variant here seems to be equipped with a yellow S Pen stylus. Together with the wallpaper shown it looks sleek, but whether the device will indeed be sold in such color combinations will remain to be seen. Finally, we discovered for a while that the S Pen will be available in the same colors as the device itself: black, blue, gray, violet and brown.

Specs and features

After today, there is still little more to be done about design technology. And the specifications of the Galaxy Note 9 are also largely known. In Europe and the Netherlands, the phone has Samsung’s Exynos 9810 processor and 6GB RAM. By default, there is probably 128GB of storage available, and runs at the launch on Android 8.1.0. The battery is growing considerably compared to its predecessor, to – probably – 4000 mAh.

We know that the new S Pen has a set of new uses. For this the stylus is provided with a real Bluetooth connection. What exactly the pen can be is less clear. In addition, the Galaxy Note 9 is the first Galaxy equipped with Bixby version 2.0, although this version in the Netherlands remains less useful (because no Dutch).

Release and price

It is certain that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9th. The expected retail price is € 999, – and the actual release takes place before the end of August – possibly on the 24th. Pre-orders probably started soon after the launch in the Netherlands.


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