Apple case with battery for iPhone Xs compatible with the X model


The iPhone Xs has long debuted on the market. He finally received a Smart Battery Case from Apple with a built-in battery and we already know quite a lot about it. Not so long ago Rene Ritchie confirmed that the device will not work with an iPhone X smartphone. Now, however, he withdraws from these words. As he said, it will be compatible with the “tenth”.

Apple’s iPhone XS battery case actually works with the iPhone X
Now you can use iPhone XS battery case with iPhone X @reneritchie

iPhone Xs has appeared on the market some time ago. Finally, he received the official cover with the option of recharging. An additional battery, as many customers of this device say, would use them on the phone. The company from Cupertino decided to issue a Smart Battery Case. Appears only for Xs devices. It turns out, however, that they work with an iPhone X phone.

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In principle, Apple provided all users that such additional batteries hidden in the covers will not work with the previous flagships of the company. Instead, they were supposed to function only with Xs. It amazed customers. In earlier cases, although they did not fully match the entrances, various smartphones of this company operated with different cases.

Smart Battery Case with iPhone Xs compatible with an iPhone X smartphone, but only by contract

It turns out that Apple has gone slightly with the truth. As reported by users who already have access to this case, it also works when connected to the X model. In fact, a warning appears at first that it is not compatible with the equipment. However, when you ignore them, the device loads without major obstacles.

The case was confirmed by Rene Ritchie, who was one of the first to say that the equipment will not work with the earlier model. Now he decided to withdraw from these words. In the post on Twitter, he wrote that he removed the earlier entry just because the cover, however, is compatible with X.

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Via The Verge
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