Android Q running on the Google Pixel 3 smartphone on video


Android Q has a leak. The XDA-Developers website is in possession of a test version of the system and it was launched on the Google Pixel 3 smartphone. In this way, we can now see some of the planned new products. Google on Android Q system will introduce, among others dark theme, or dark mode. Changes can be viewed on the “Exclusive Hands-on First Look” video.

Android Q - Exclusive Hands-on First Look on the Google Pixel 3

Android Q is fast approaching. In a few weeks, Google will probably release the first alpha of the new system, and now there has been a leak. The software leaked and fell into the hands of specialists from XDA-Developers. You decided to check the news in action. First some screenshots were published, but now we have something better. This is news on the video that is shown on the Pixel 3 smartphone. You can also read this topic: Android Q will have the dark mode and new desktop mode that everyone expects.

Android Q, which can be viewed in the video below, is not a test build, which will be released in public in March. It has been deprived of many Google applications and is not yet finalized software. However, some novelties, such as the dark mode, or dark mode, which appeared in the leaks, can be seen now. Check it out in the video below.

Google will make Android Q available only in the summer

Of course, the final Android Q can still differ significantly from what you’ve seen on the video. Work on the system is just going on and there are many things that can change, which is worth keeping in mind. However, now we can see how more or less the dark mode will be presented and what is still working on Google. The final version of Android 10.0 will be released around August. During the May I / O conference in 2019, the giant from Mountain View should present the most interesting news.

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